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Unvoiced, art exhibition at St Augustine's Tower, Hackney, London:  PV- 13th June 2019, Show is open Fri 14th - Sun 16th June.

until Jul 2019

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery 'Museum of Transology'.

Showing my song/video 'Walls', that I wrote in Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2008, for this exhibition of objects. ... Open for 1 year between Thurs 20th July 2017 - July 2019.

Feb 2019

The Art Academy, London, Queer Art Show - Showing 'Gold Cage'

Jan-Mar 2019

St Pancras Hospital- Loudest Whispers- Exhibiting 'We Are Stardust' - window screen



Aug-Oct 2018

*Now Women- Female Artists Mark the Century. Gibberd Gallery, Harlow. I will be exhibiting my installation 'Paper Cage' in this show. A show containing works from The Jerwood and Ingram collections.

Jul-Oct 2018 

*Art of Caring 2018 - St. Pancras Hospital. Will be showing 3 hand cut works, 'Big Heart' 'String of Hearts' and 'Gold Heart'.


*Save The Black Cap, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, - Performed my song 'Doesn't Really Matter'

*Art Of Caring 2018 - Postcard show, St George's Hospital, NHS 70th birthday.Postcard of my cut outs were exhibited.


Red Door Project Space, Kensington. - Solo performance with lace blindfolded my own songs, and cut outs from installation 'Paper Frames'.

*Bar Wotever - Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London. Solo art performance - Caged.


*Mapping The World- Bermondsey, Shortwave Gallery.

Queer Arts Weekender - LGBT History Month- Exhibiting cut out 'Memory Is My Disease' and Performed original songs from my concept album 'Caged'.

*Loudest Whispers- St. Pancras Hospital. Performed 3 songs from my album 'Caged' at the opening for this event mapping the LGBTQ history month in London.

                       * * *



*Young Contemporary Talent- Ingram Collection- Solo Show of 'Paper Cage' at the Lightbox Gallery, Woking.



*My paper cutting 'Memory Is My Disease' will be part of the

Site Fringe 2017 Show and Fringe Conferences:

'Gender, Contemporary Difference & Psychoanalysis', at Drapers Hall, London;


* 'Honey, I'm Home' an exhibition showing my latest piece 'Paper Frame', at the A217 Gallery,

Chelsea College of Art, Room A217

16 John Islip Street, SW1P 4JU.

A show about architecture and domesticity.


I Will Hold Your Gaze- A Non-Binary  Exhibition 

at the Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London.

P.V. : Tues 18th July 6-9pm

Show Open: 19th-22nd July 9am-5pm.


Nasty Women, Stour Space, Hackney Wick. 'Paper Balcony' is part of this exhibition and auction.

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