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I am presently recording music for my concept album 'Caged', which I have been working on since 2007. I have been returning to music for the past year and with this performance and a very different kind of visual art has been something I have had to consider and create.


Looking at identity and the layers of who we are, what we think and how that is influenced by the past. The things we do not always perceive in our everyday lives...things that control us psychologically and socially. Things we just accept as normal and everyday, from the way we dress, to the language we use...I conceal, and hide within these layers, obscure visuals and physicality in order to express fear, rejection, painful memories and feeling lost in our contemporary society.

I have recently realised that I love to dance and sing, and yet I have never had the courage to do these things as they are very performative and public... in a way I can achieve this through recording and video... I find it hard to perform openly, though I have sung and danced all my life since I was a child... there are many things I do not accept about myself... Why do I have such anxiety that prevents me from doing something I love so much? Is it even natural to perform in public? Is it some sort of rule or lack of accordance in me that naturally prevents me?... I care about fashion, though I know it is deemed a superficial interest... I am exploring my insecurities and trying to overcome them... There are so many things that prevent me from focussing on my performance in a positive and technical way because I am thinking about negative things instead. Things that are barriers for me, things which others may not have, yet I have to shoulder. I have no choice. I question and doubt myself... These things stop me... they are my walls...

To peel away these layers in order to reveal something about our behaviours can be liberating, enlightening and helpful in understanding ourselves...

The ideas of feeling trapped, caged, restricted, anxious, stressed, sad, self-conscious and having a need to express oneself ... this is what I explore for myself...  So I follow this intuition and instinct in me... moving from the visual in art to the non-physical music, I am feeling very differently about myself and the world, as well as what I do...

Soundcloud music:

Songs by Chloe Wing, produced by Chloe Wing and Mark Lawrie.

Video  Art  &  Performance

Performing songs from 'Caged' at The Red Door Project Space, Kensington. ( photos courtesy of Mark Lawrie)

'Memory Is My DisEase' at the Mall Galleries, London as part of the Passion for Freedom Show.

Videos/ Performances

'Walls & Veils' Performance at Rich Mix, Feb 2020, as part of the Chinese Arts Now festival 2020. All songs are original and wholy my own. (Video courtesy of Annika Johnemark)

'Nurture My Nature' song written and sung by Chloe Wing, Filmed by Mark Lawrie. 2019

'Surface' music video by Chloe Wing. 2019. Video by Cindy Chow and Mark Lawrie.

'Phobia' by Chloe Wing, filmed by artist Tahira Mandarino-Simler at UAL. 2013

Song 'Doesn't Really Matter' song by Chloe Wing, singing with Alex Green, May 2018

'Veils & Walls', filmed by Angela Zenxhiang Li, Cindy Chow and Mark Lawrie. Song 'Walls' by Chloe Wing 2017 (All songs on this webiste are wholy of my own creation, lyrics, melody and arrangment.)

'A Girl's Dream', film by Cindy Chow and Mark Lawrie. Song 'Bully/ I Doubt Myself' by Chloe Wing. 2016

'Forget & Forgive' at The Shortwave Cafe & Gallery, as part of the Queer Arts Weekender Art exhibition, March 2018

'Who Do You Follow' sung live, Song by Chloe Wing Chow. All songs in this webiste are copyrighted and wholy of my own creation, lyrics, melody and arrangment.. Filmed by Mark Lawrie.

Original Song 'It Doesn't Really Matter' performance Chloe Wing and Mark L.

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