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Past Exhibitions

Shows in 2009-17

in Woking

'I can't scream'

'Honey, I'm Home', Gallery A217, Chelsea College of Art.

27th April 2017- 7 May.

An exhibition about Architecture and Domesticity...

I'm exhibiting my installation 'Paper Frames', which is a piece that looks at the private and public gaze as well as what aesthetics and interior design represent in terms of gender.



Past  Shows:

Contemporary Psychoanalysis 5th-15th March 2017, Draper Hall, London

This show deals with the notions of gender and transgender in relation to psychoanalysis in our modern times.

This is a subject that is close to my heart. Specifically the idea of our world and how we cope through psychology and also the affects of the world around us on the individual in terms of their identity and also the notion of belonging and conventions. This is a pressure on the individual to fit in and the implications of this on the psyche...

Young Contemporary Talent - Ingram Collection - Solo Show of 'Paper Cage', Lightbox Gallery Woking. On until Jan 29th 2017.

Click here for Interview with the artist

Part of the newly formed YCT section of The Ingram Collection, Paper Cage by Chloe Wing is a recent acquisition from the MFA fine art degree show at UAL Wimbledon College of Art. Wing's hand cut 7 feet high panels invite the viewer to explore the work and enter the psycho-social realm that is portrayed by an isolated point of view, which is both fairytale-like and haunting. 

Memories and emotion are explored within the psyche and all her works stem from her own experiences, which makes the work revealing, vulnerable, performative and expressionistic. 

The work is about isolation and self-consciousness in modern society and the striving of human connection. Although she finds it difficult to speak about her issues, her work very much is a healing and cathartic process. This is what her work is first and foremost, made for herself to work through and release her Anxiety and fears. What do her externalised thoughts mean to the outside world?... This exposes the idea that although our mindset is personal it is very much related and responsive to what is going on in our environment; and has wider implications...

*Chris Ingram is a businessman, entrepreneur and art collector. He owns the largest collection of Modernist Art in the U.K.

The Lightbox won the Art Fund prize in 2008 and now houses the majority of the 450 piece Ingram Collection.

It is now actively used in the community, helping schools, prisons and mental health organisations, which are things I feel strongly about.

Paperscissorsbook- Highlights Contemporary Paper Craft tour, The Queen's Hall Art Centre, Hexham. On until Jan 7th 2017.

"A stunning exhibition of paper art and storytelling that showcases the best of contemporary paper-cut and artist’s books in the U.K. 

From hand-cut paper to the latest laser-cut techniques; sculptural paper works, installation and intimate book works.

This tour includes Rob Ryan and innovators such as Andy Singleton.

The art of craft is a skill that contains a lot of narrative. I learned a huge lesson that boosted what I was already doing. After speaking to some of the visitors and talking to them about Paper Roof, by keeping the themes general and not too specific this made others relate and keen to talk about their experiences of isolation. The whole point is the wider psychosocial implications of being with others. That made me feel really good actually...

Passion For Freedom, Oct 2015


I was selected for the 2015 show held at the Mall Galleries, London as part of the PFF exhibition.


I gained a great deal talking to many different people about the ideas behind my work, and I gained so much insight into the global problems as this was an extremely international group of artists. 

To see how they had similar issues with themselves and with their communities showed me it is not about what you are going through precisely. It is about how you are going through it.

All societies have similar problems to do with insecurities and fitting in and upholding ideas with certain beliefs and fears.

Degrees Of Freedom Festival, Jan 2015

I led a Paper cutting workshop, which culminated in a final displaying and curating of all the work and exhibited as part of the DoF festival.




'Flash Self-Portrait' - SUARTS Chelsea College Show 2014


Angela Li and I won a place to show our work in the Chelsea College SUARTS space. This exhibition showed us how vital exposure is for our works in order to gain interest and contacts. I also realised it is important for me to talk about my work to others because I am a part of the work in a way, and it is all about having a discourse with the viewer.


Working with artists who understand your art and work is important, but just by working with someone can also draw out similarities.


The Suarts proposal application form showed me how to write about myself as an artist, to present my work to others and how to articulate what I am doing.

We organised the private view, marketing, curating, technical installation and designing of posters. Angela and I were nominated for an Suarts award as well.


This exhibition looked at the relationship between self-portraiture and culture. It was fascinating to see how works that were so different could work so well together. She makes humorous videos and prints, whereas I make dark paper cut-outs.

MFA Degree Show - UAL Wimbledon College of Art

Paper Cage was first shown at this show and it was bought by Chris Ingram after he viewed it here.

I worked with a small team to install this piece and helped curate the show. 

Threads Show - Rag Factory, London 2013


I had a phone interview from the East London and Docklands newspaper about 'Threads'. I compiled a press release and sent them off to these art publications, magazines and newspapers. I had to fill in forms for the Press Association and write concisely about Wimbledon College, the MFA students and their works. I have also spoken to and negotiated with advertisers and been shown in Art Licks, Art Monthly, The Wimbledon Guardian and Time Out.


'Spaced Out' - Wimbledon Space, 2012


A group show in the Wimbledon Space. I helped to curate. This is definitely something I enjoy doing as I feel I like to communicate with artists, to work with them to create something unique. I learned that it is important to listen to the artists' intentions and to know their works and concepts in order to curate something that enhances their meaning. It is almost a collaboration with the artist. Art is not just artwork on it's own, in the context of a gallery. The process of curating  makes an art piece further complete, as the gallery space is a very symbolic and expressive area.


Open Cage - Elliots, Middlesbrough, 2012

This was my second solo experimental show of my cut-outs that I had to completely put together myself again. I also performed my music at this venue. Installed and surged the work myself.

Blacklight Engine Room Show - Serpent Gallery & Middlesbrough Central Library 2011

I was invited to as a solo performance, to sing and play my own songs at these Poetry Black Light Engine Room and Kenaz events.


Caged - We Are Open, Pop Up, Middlesbrough 2011

My first solo showing of my self-portraits, cut-outs, paper sculptures and music. I was selected to show my work with the local We Are Open Scheme to do a pop up show. Curated and installed with a small team.

'Couples' Exhibition, The Baltic, Newcastle, 2009

I was invited to be a part of the human exhibition where I had to perform my music, talk to the visitors of the gallery and answer any questions they posed to me. Robert Blackson was the director at that time and he was very experimental.

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