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Framed Artworks:


I also hand cut framed art pieces that are encased in a see-through double glass frame. They are all one off pieces


These works are related to my Fine Art works...


each one has hidden words, symbols and ideas. Decorative on first appearance, but when you look deeper into them there are deeper layers.


They're a part of me, my experiences and of the people I know and care about. I like to hand cut all my work as it means I have a close relationship with my work and it is a way of putting myself into it... like sewing stories into a quilt...


The works aim to touch, move, connect and engage the viewer in some way...


Were on sale on: (sorry no longer on sale here)... If you are interested in these cut outs or wish to commission a piece please contact me at:




under the name Chloe Wing :)


I hope you enjoy the works as much as I love to make them.





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